Low Emission Vehicle Registration/Renewal

Please complete the following form to register your hybrid , electric or other low emission vehicle.  All personal information submitted to SFCS will be kept confidential.

Once your registration has been verified and approved, you will receive your 95 Express decal and verification letter in the mail.  Your decal will allow you to take advantage of only the 95 Express Lanes in Southeast Florida toll-free. When you use express lanes on any other highway you will be charged the associated toll. If you have a SunPass transponder, please indicate type below so SFCS can provide you with the appropriate transponder shield. You will be responsible for shielding your SunPass transponder when using the 95 Express Lanes as a toll free-user or you may be responsible for any toll charges incurred.

In order to complete the 95 Express Hybrid Registration below, you must provide your State of Florida issued HOV decal information. For more information on State of Florida HOV registration, CLICK HERE.

SFCS registrations are valid for one year and does not necessarily match the expiration date of their HOV decal. Users must re-register with SFCS upon its expiration. 

(New) Low Emission Vehicle Registration/Renewal
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Reminder: 95 Express Toll-Exemption registrations for Low Emission Vehicles must be renewed annually.

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